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El Buen Viaje has taken off.

Months after publishing my book, there's been a lot of great news.

Certainly the publishing of my book was an amazing achievement by itself, what came afterwards definitely took my breath away. My first book became an instant hit, selling every single copy on its first weeks on local bookstores and personal orders. I literally had a back-order, meaning that I had orders after orders paid for before new copies got to the local shelves. Everyday I had people writing me to pay for a copy. It sold like crazy on Amazon by people from New York, Florida, California, Ohio, Philadelphia, and New Jersey, among other Staes, as well as people from Spain, France, and India. This just filled my days with smiles. But it didn't end there. It got better and better.

Local celebrities, public figures and the media reached out for interviews. I was a guest on Puerto Rican legendary actor Braulio Castillo's TV show, La Movida PR on prime time TV in Puerto Rico and in Florida. From there on, I got invited to various podcasts, had magazine and newspaper articles in Imagen and Metro Puerto Rico respectively. Jessica Serrano, local news reporter and TV host made an Instagram Live as well. For what is worth, it has been an amazing ride with many more projects coming up.

So make sure you stay up to date with my blog posts, as I will be announcing upcoming projects and collabs.

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