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I launched my first podcast 🎙

After years of wanting to have my own podcast and talk with people about interesting topics such as travel, food, art, entrepreneurship and other great things.

The stars aligned when friends and colleagues kept suggesting that I created my own podcast, and I said "what the hell". At first I must admit I was a little bit nervous about it because it's not that easy to create one and just talk on a microphone. Once I started everything started to fall into place, first thing is first....the name, I wanted something to be inclusive, something that sounds cool and obviously has to do with travel (which upon itself covers a lot of topics). I came up with The Travel Society, it's perfect.

I got my first sponsor within a week of brainstorming, Piloto 151. These guys are the best 1st sponsor you can think of. They offer a very Professional ambiance to any entrepreneur who wants a modern look and work space.

The podcast will air this summer for its first season, including interviews with different interesting guests that range from Travel companies, Executive chefs, travelers, amongst others.

Take the ride with me on this trip, available on Spotify and Apple Music.

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