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Christmas in Mexico 🇲🇽

What started as a travel plan that was cut short by the beginning of the pandemic, turned out to be that after a year, with unexpected changes and silly obstacles, we achieved our family vacation. Mexico... a country made of dreams. Full of magical villages, world-renowned gastronomy, rich culture and full of people that gives color to any canvas. A family trip, far from our island, Puerto Rico at Christmas, not because we wanted to but because of airline credits, etc., that we had been dragging for a year. All in its time, this adventure will definitely stay with us forever. My daughter Luna's first trip, me and my wife's anniversary... at last time of serenity and peace.

It was two weeks touring several areas of Mexico. I do have to mention that supplementing myself to a travel agency such as A&A Tours definitely complemented our trip. We started in Yucatan and then flew to Mexico City. Here are some of the images of our family adventure, as well as some of the places we visited. If you have doubts or want to know more in detail, I am at the best disposal, VIVA MEXICO..!!!

Places we visited: - Cancun - Chichen Itza - Merida - Tulum - Holbox - Mexico City - San Juan Teotihuacán (Moon and Sun Pyramids) - Taxco - Xochimilco - Casa Frida Kahlo Museum - National Museum of Anthropology

- Puebla

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