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We're going to Peru 🇵🇪

After Iceland's success, our next group adventure is announced and there are only a few spaces left. This adventure will be great, it will have amazing gastronomy, history and above all we will see A WONDER.

As part of my second group trip we will be visiting Peru; a country internationally recognized for its incredible gastronomy, spectacular culture and impressive history. As part of the route we will be visiting desert dunes, the famous colorful mountains, historic center, we will taste pisco sour and of course ...... MACHU PICCHU...!!!

Located in South America a country full of wonders, photographically, Peru is ideal, for the adventurer it is undoubtedly a destination that you cannot miss and if you are part of this "click" you will not regret it, taking home the best memories. I want to inspire you to travel, do it... give yourself the opportunity. Remember that these trips have purpose, apart from the experience in itself, you take with you the opportunity to learn photographic concepts in an exceptional country. I'll wait for you... and if not, I'll see you in the next click.

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