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Why everyone needs a great photograph.

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a lawyer, chef or architect you will always need a great set of photographs that portray the type of professional you are or the quality of service you will provide.

Anyone in todays society should have either a website or social media platform that gives people whom are interested in a particular service a glance of who is behind the service they seek. Everything is visual now and marketing is more accessible than ever. People want to see first and do business later.

“It is proven that potential clients first look up social media accounts of professionals to see their engagement, style and look to see if he or she fit the requirements before talking business - it can be compared to an employer wanting to see potential candidates.”

One of the many benefits of having a great portfolio of yourself or your business is that it sets you apart of the competition, plus it makes you stand out. Remember that not because you aren't taking steps into building a better appearance of yourself, it does not mean the competition is doing the same.

Content of yourself means more business

In recent years photography has taken a very important role in determining and refining how successful a person, business or service is. Ive personally have witnessed how clients and acquaintances have seen their businesses grow by simply posting a new picture on social media or making a new add about themselves.

I highly encourage people to consider making content for themselves or businesses and witness first hand how things will change rapidly and positively; either they choose to make a short term impact or longterm. Regardless if you own a business or offer a service, I would still recommend having good quality pictures of yourself even if your only interest is gaining a few follows or likes. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, now imagine a thousand reasons to have your picture taken.

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