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Benefits of traveling with me 🌎

Let me explain the many reasons why getting on one of my group trips will be a tremendous decision when choosing to travel to a different destination.

Over the years we have realized something... there are different types of travelers. Different types of people like adventure, luxuries, cheap travel, exotic destinations, spending many days in one place and others exploring various parts; traveling alone or with company. These are certainly perfect scenarios for each individual and their preference. Now.....each of these options brings a multitude of options, problems, unexpected costs; apart from the fact that riding a perfect trip takes a lot of time and can cause stress.

Just to mention some of the crucial factors to take into consideration when taking a trip organized by me: - Selection of impressive destinations. Despite the pandemic, A&A Tours agency and myself have searched for popular destinations that meet certain criteria for different travelers and different tastes. - Small group trips focused on the same approach. For us it is important that our groups are moderate in proportion and that it is composed of people who seek and have similar interests when traveling. -Quality options at a reasonable price. Our trips are organized in a way that pleases everyone's palate. From the selection of locations to accommodations, we create the balance so that being of quality does not mean it will affect our pockets.

-Its all bundled up. Our trips are designed in a way that it has it all. Tours, plane tickets, transfers, even some meals. You don't have to worry about anything. - You return home with incredible memories. Not only will I be taking photographs and video of you, but we will be practicing photography in beautiful destinations so that you can also open your creativity and can be photographers at any given time. All taught by a professional of course. - At the end of it all, the experience counts. A&A Tours is an agency with many years of experience, just like myself whom has been traveling to different destinations for about twenty (20) years. - For those who do not know... I am a licensed travel agent ,which contributes to great knowledge. Destinations, experiences, value and above all TRAVEL.

Authorized by the Puerto Rico Department of Tourism ... to guide, build and offer you the immense variety of destinations and packages that interest you. License - S-2022-08-CI

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