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My first group trip 🇮🇸

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Iceland was the destination of my first group trip focused on adventure and photography. It was SOLD OUT and in short a TOTAL success.

Iceland. Known for its volcanoes, black sand seas, Northern Lights, beautiful and secluded villages. My first group trip, where I would lead a group of strangers who had one thing in common; the passion to travel and wander. As the days went by, chemistry started growing in the group, day by day "a click" really began to be noticed. I'll explain. The concept of "a click" in destinations comes from the magic that happens in adventures for people who love photography and content creation. But that is not all. When traveling one meets wonderful people, some who stay for a lifetime; and there is the real "click".

Part of the most fascinating thing is that in addition to all the aforementioned, travelers learn and put into practice photographic concepts thus ensuring that extraordinary memories are brought to their home. Anyway, I'm also there to assure it. So keep an eye on the next adventure and sign up for the next "click".

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