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Photography made me want more and more.

Photography has given me more things to look for. For many years I've witnessed the great things photography has to offer and the things you can add-on ti it. In my case it gets a lot more complex. Dealing with angles, colors, and composition is not enough. Photography made me learn about human conduct, how people react and interact, how different shapes have more to offer than the mere form they were given. My appetite for education became more aggressive as the years went by. Things needed to be complemented in order for me to be satisfied. I went from photography to videography, to teaching the skill and the theory, but still I wanted more. This went on for many years until I knew it was time to experiment, and then it hit me-- I needed to know more about the business side of it as well. I went on to pursue a Master's degree in Advanced Marketing. This degree helped gather useful intel about how to run my business, helped to understand colors and the effects it had on people, helped me get more into social media and it became a great addition to my Mass Media Bachelor's degree.

From there, I started noticing that there's a lot more to it. I started to love subjects like Copyrights, Trademarks, Contracts, and the Entertainment industry. So from there I knew I wanted to merge into Law School. Yep, I went all in and completed my law degree and became a lawyer. I will be honest, all of this came together through my interests as well as other personal situations. As a single parent for many years I suffered the injustices and flaws of the judicial system that always favors one side of the equation and makes it impossible for fathers to get more time with their children. This just made it all came together. I wanted justice for my son and me, as I personally know what a father means to a son. So ever since, I've kept on the fight for what is right and fair, which will never stop. Helping people has become part of my agenda, and I will begin practicing law as soon as I get to pass the bar exam (I haven't been able to take it since it was canceled by the pandemic).

Yes, my life has taken many turns and I've been more than grateful for each one. Lastly, my love for photography has brought on a keen eye towards architecture and home design, so I passed the Real Estate bar exam during the pandemic and I am starting my own Real Estate and Property Management firm. So, yeah, I am a photographer/marketer/lawyer/real estate broker, and now author. Yes, I published my first book, but don't worry, it's just focused on my travels and photography.

You only get one chance at life. Do whatever is your calling and don't hold back. I once heard a saying "whoever has more cards in hand, has more chances of winning," and I believe it's true. Do what you like, what you love and what interests you, be true about it and you'll see each one of those goals become true. Maybe you'll be a jack-of-all-trades, like me.

I wish you the best, and strive for more.

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