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I finally published my book.

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

For fifteen years I have been working on my book, until I got to publish it. My original plan was to keep traveling a few more years in order to publish it, but Covid 19 completely dismantled my plan. Not knowing when was the next opportunity to travel, I decided it was time and so I began my writing and curating. My photography book consists of traveling every year to different countries or destinations. Going deep into cultures and taking the off road rather than the more touristy places (although I did go there as well). I needed to immortalize what I was seeing. Keep in mind that 15 years ago we were beginning to use point and shoot digital cameras, so part of my travels involved witnessing how technology took me deeper and deeper. Japan, Korea, Egypt, France, Iceland, and Turkey were my 2020 trips and it all went crashing down with the pandemic. All of those travels were going to take part of my book, but I'm guessing that will have to wait for round two.

El Buen Viaje is a recollection of great moments inspired by my taste in photography, mostly street, travel and landscape make up of most of it. I tried to crunch in the most content as possible, but frankly I had to exclude 20+ places I've visited because if not, it would've been a 300 page book. Overall it has been an amazing experience, being able to create stunning imagery, curate all of the content, design my own book, and self-publishing definitely goes down as one of the most amazing feelings in my life. I've always dreamed of publishing my own book, and I finally did it, I finally published my book.

Make sure you buy a copy, for yourself or loved one. It will surely make a great addition to your art or book collection. You can get a copy at Casa Norberto in either their Plaza las Americas or Río Piedras locations or The Bookmark at their San Patricio Plaza or near Ciudadela locations. You can also buy it in Amazon or pre order it via contacting me.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy it.


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