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Travel & Street Photography

Over the years Ive had fallen in love with these particular styles of photography, both go hand to hand as they offer me the chance to discover, feel the moment and capture something thrilling.

Street and Travel photography gives you the edge to discover new sites, understand culture and see people's emotions and true selfs. Personally I consider these styles of photography determines a photographer's skill set. Most of the time there is no preparation, mostly improvising in every corner.

“When you travel you have the chance to merge both styles, and were you work on something else, like weddings, you can implement certain aspects into that work you can only learn when you understand travel or street photography - you become a more complete artist.”

You become a creator, you have to use your instinct. I see a lot of content in social media that one would consider travel photography, but it's much more than that; its not about taking a picture of yourself while you travel, its about telling a story and creating a narrative of what was happening in that precise moment, think about National Geographic, and you'll get the idea.

When you travel you bring back.

A big part of these particular styles of photography is that you want to document things that either bring great memories or help you tell a story; like I mentioned before. In some sense there will be occasions where you will have to sacrifice time by trying to capture something that happens on the regular, like a train for example, but in most instances a good raw picture is created by taking and capturing the moment.

There are a lot of great photographers out there that I would recommend, but if you ask me who's at the top of the food chain, hands down it would have to be Vivian Maier. Most of Vivian's work revolves around street photography but she travelled the world and took magnificent shots as well. Her style was unique, but was strikes me is the fact that she didn't look at her work, she just photographed away and didn't develop her work, hundreds of film was later discovered only to unveil great works of art. I would highly recommend looking up her work and I would have to say she is my favorite photographer of all time. So when you travel try to set aside the social media tendencies, try not to plan out or arrange photography; let the moment take you by surprise and capture it, you won't regret it.

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